Stone Group Laboratories, LLC, provides non-destructive, advanced gemological testing services to the trade and offers global consulting services as well as custom research projects regarding colored gemstones. All is completed in a secure, modern, well-equipped laboratory. Stone Group Laboratories (SGL) began in the 1990s in response to increasing gemological challenges in the gem industry. SGL has also become a forerunner in disseminating the knowledge and practice of digital gemological spectroscopy. While new treatments and synthetics emerge, SGL continues research in the field and regularly issues reports on its findings. Their commitment is to helping the fields of gemstone dealing, gemological education, and jewelry appraising through accurate and detailed disclosures, research, and gemstone identification and treatment reports. Not only have synthetics become more challenging to separate from their natural counterparts, but treatments have also proliferated. In some cases, the two have merged, with some newer gems in the market having both a natural component, as well as a significant synthetic or artificial component. Our testing protocols and procedures provide you with the necessary answers, while supplying confidence in knowing the condition of your gemstone.

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Members: International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA) www.gemstone.org  and the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA), www.agta.org


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