Vis NIR and UV spectrometers em

UV-vis-NIR Spectrometry

Spectrometers are the digital version of the spectroscope, which is familiar to most gemologists. These digital versions have the added benefits of CCD quantification and comparison of results as well as the ability to read far beyond the range of the human eye. While the visible range is considered to be between 400nm and 700nm, SGL uses both UV and UV-Vis-NIR Ocean Optics spectrometers which can read from 180 to 1000 nm. Utilizing a wide range of light energies and arrangements to capture different aspects of a gems interaction with light, absorption and transmission spectra can clearly render many gemstone identification characteristics as indicators leading to country of origin determinations, atomic valences, or treatments.

uv vis

The UV-vis-NIR seen here showed a clear cobalt spectra identifying the sapphire as having been a cobalt treated composite sapphire.

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