Raman 785 and 532 em

Raman spectrometers use lasers of various wavelengths to excite molecules and its detectors interpret the wavenumber results seen as peaks in reciprocal centimeters (cm-1) as opposed to nanometers. SGL has two Raman units in its arsenal, a 785nm Enwave Raman unit, and the GemmoRaman-SG 532nm. Spectral results are recorded and then can be compared for best matches against an on-board database, or if needed the RRUFF database of nearly 5000 minerals of documented University of Arizona mineralogical lab samples.

The scientific grade GemmoRaman has an extended range that facilitates the use of photo-luminescent (PL) results for the detection of CVD grown diamonds, or indicators of various synthetic or imitation gemstones.

copal v baltic raman

The Raman data show differences clearly seen between Copal vs. Baltic amber. Notice how the LPLT “greened” copal matches up to that of the untreated copal. Comparisons displayed on the Crystal Sleuth program courtesy of University of Arizona Mineralogy Dept. and the Crystal Sleuth project.

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