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Smoke Treatment in Wollo Opal

Stone Group Labs Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Gemological Papers (For Gemologists)

Infrared Spectroscopy in Gemstone Testing  A concise look at understanding the FTIR in gemological use

Technology Update – Ultraviolet Light  Mercury bulbs vs. LED

Magnetics in Gem Testing Australian Gemmologist. Various elements with some gemstones make them magnetically attractive. Now there are methods of quantifying these properties utilizing rare earth magnets.

Garnet Chemistry, Journal of Gemmology  Continuing with magnetics, an expanded team explores the qualifying of garnet families utilizing paramagnetics.

Crossed Filters Revisited – Use of filters and lights

Bright Line Technique – Enhance your refractometer readings

Copal vs. Amber

Synthetic Tourmaline

Clear as Night

The Black Gem Challenge

Alien Sightings: Pallasite (March/April 2014) The Gem Guide

Seeing Red

Trade Articles

Afghan Treasures, Instore Magazine

Endangered Species: Hunting Down the Last Untreated Gemstone

Treatments in Ethiopian Black Opal

When do you need a lab?

Navigating Coloured Gemstone Laboratories

Gem Briefs

(These articles first appeared in The Journal or Gemmology or Gem & Jewellery News.  Available here with permission from The Gemmological Association of Great Britain, Gem-A,

Gem Alert: Glass filled Star Ruby

Gem Alert: Goldenite

Gem Notes: Amblygonite and Peridot

Gem Notes: Purple Garnets

Gem Notes: Imitation Peridot

Gem Notes: Garnet from Mahenge, Tanzania

Gem Notes: Spurrite from New Mexico

Gem Notes: Yellow Sapphire with Unstable Colour–In Reverse

Gem Watch: Quench Crackled Ruby

Gem Notes: Hands On: Gem Fluorescing Garnets

Gem Notes: Piemontite

Gem Notes: A New Kyanite

Gem Notes: Tourmaline Imitation – Glass

Gem Notes: What’s New with Cobalt

Gem Notes: Scheelite from Inner Mongolia

Gem Notes: Rainbow Moonstone from Malawi

Gem Notes: Colour-change Axinite-(Mn) from Tanzania

Gem Notes: Dyed Quartzite and Chalcedony Beads Imitating Amazonite

Gem Notes: Observations of Pegmatitic Amethyst from São Paulo State, Brazil

Gem Notes: Almandine from Erving, Massachusetts

Gem Notes: A Convincing Glass Imitation of Emerald

Gem Notes: Colour-zoned Cr- and V-bearing Tourmaline from Kenya

Gem Notes: Composite Opal Rough

Gem Notes: Quartz Beads

Gem Notes: Black Star Sapphires

Gem Notes: Almandine from Negev, Israel

Gem Notes: New Garnets from East Africa

Gem Notes: Antigorite Serpentine from North West Pakistan

Gem Notes: Jadeite Simulants

Gem Notes: Lace Opal from Utah

Gem Notes: Ceruleite from Chile

Gem Notes: Stichtite as a Gem Material

Gem Notes: Apache Blue Stone (Chrysocolla) from Arizona, USA

Gem Notes: Beryllonite from Pakistan

Gem Notes: Tourmaline (Dravite) from Simanjiro District, Tanzania

Gem Notes: Colour-zoned Green Beryl from Pakistan

Gem Notes: Baryte from South Dakota, USA

Gem Notes: More Tremolite from Tanzania

Gem Notes: Ruby from Liberia

Gem Notes: Cordierite from Madagascar

Gem Notes: Garnet from Mahenge, Tanzania

Gem Notes: Yellow Sapphire with Unstable Color–In Reverse

Gem Notes: Spurrite from New Mexico

Gem Notes: Garnet from Eldorado Bar, Montana, USA

Gem Notes: Violet Tourmaline from Democratic Republic of Congo

Gem Notes: Hessonite from Mogok, Myanmar

Gem Notes: Cr-bearing Green Spodumene from Northern Nigeria

Gem Notes: Orange-Fluorescing Common Opal from Japan

Gem Notes: Trapiche-type Chrysoberyl


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