SGL consults on a wide range of gemological topics such as proper disclosure, possible treatments, research projects, relative importance of testing, quality control and inventory labeling.  As our equipment can test gem materials while set or in the rough, we can also provide non-destructive identification services for miners, mineral collectors and estate dealers.
Inventory Analysis
Put your colored stone inventory back to work for you with the assurance of selling it at fair and current market prices. We can advise on re-polishing or updating your collection to make it sell-able and can screen for synthetics.  We can also offer advice on current market prices

Preliminary Analysis
SGL offers preliminary, verbal identification at a reasonable cost. This service is ideal for situations when a stone might not merit the cost of a full report. It is an affordable aid when appraising, especially for complicated stones such as dyed or polymer treated material, fancy-colored diamonds, or synthetics and simulants; which are often beyond the identification capabilities of a standard gemological laboratory.

Laminated report. This brief report contains all vital details about a gem, along with a photo, in a handy, easy to display format. This report is ideal to permanently accompany a stone for wholesale or retail sales.

Written reportThis is a customized, signed report that may or may not include a photo. Contact us for details regarding how SGL reports can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Be assured that we are in a professional, secure, and confidential environment for the examination and testing of your goods. We are fully insured. SGL is happy to provide quotes on larger parcels before work is begun. Please contact us for current pricing.

NOTESGL services are offered only to trade professionals. We do not provide written appraisals. To those outside the trade, we request you submit items to us through an appraiser, dealer, retailer or other industry professional. This is to ensure safe and secure handling of materials.

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